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Day 9 of the New Year, New Vision 2021 course

Today’s affirmation was with Barbiel, who is the guardian of the 9th Mansion of the Moon, as well as being connected with the Zodiac Cancer (ruler is Muriel), element of water (ruler is Phuel), and also with the Zodiac Leo (Ruler is Verchiel) and the element fire (ruler is Uriel). I also included Gabriel, Ophaniel and Amnediel (guardian of this next lunar phase) – I chose to bring in all of these angels.

“With your support my focus is building, and day by day I am working towards my chosen goal. Please help my efforts to achieve a climax by Full Moon, for my Highest Good.”

Saying the affirmation is followed by breathing in the light orange colour associated with Barbiel.

As I was breathing in the colour, followed by breathing in Peach Moonstone energy (how wonderful that sounds) and feeling into my goal (connection with spirit), words came to me “what if it was as easy as opening a door” and I sat with that thought for a while, what if it really was that? A part of me that has been closed but can be opened?

As I sat, I could feel the angels in a group around me, to the front of me, I felt very connected. Uriel stepped forward – linking with fire, which is my element (as in 5 elements from Eastern philosophy, I am a Fire Horse) with these words:

“Fire is the energy to get things done. Fire burns away the old to make way for the new”

I then had a thought (well done brain, always interfering) that I hadn’t added the 3 x ‘love & light’ when calling in the angels, so I did that. The next words from Uriel:

“It is always with love and light, nothing exists which isn’t Love & Light. Yes, you see a shadow side, but this shadow only represents opportunities for growth. You see this as dark, as negative force or a negative energy, but these are only parts of you that are waiting to be transformed. Or not. Your choice. But always remember, everything comes from Love.”