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I signed up for a ‘New Year, New Vision’ course with Jo Bristow Watkins, creator of Reyad Sekh Em and The Violet Flame of Amenti training school. I studied Reyad Sekh Em with Jo around 2009 and did a similar New Year course in 2012, but I don’t remember much of it! Although lots going on in my life, I felt I wanted to do this course, make time for it, as it’s working through the 28 mansions of the moon and that kind of cyclical way of being (working/living) has been appearing for a while. So I’m paying attention!

I have just sat to receive my first attunement. Jo actually did the attunement on Wednesday night, after our first Zoom session but – life being what it is – I have only just found space to pick it up. Jo – and subsequently all of her students – work with the angel Eth, who can bend time back and forth, which is a very handy tool for all sorts of situations.

Although I say I found space, actually I’ve had a busy day doing something I hadn’t planned on, which is not finished and still have a few hours to do on it, however I was alone in the house. First time since a couple of hours on Monday morning and I didn’t have long – in fact Phil’s arrival home was imminent. But I got myself ready for the attunement, wondering how it would go as my head felt very busy with all the things going on today, not feeling at all like I was in any kind of relaxed space.

Interestingly though, as soon as I heard Jo’s voice calling in the angels, my body reacted and I was immediately calm and taken to the temple space where I have received attunements before – virtually in this lifetime but I am sure, physically in other lifetimes. I felt that all my fellow course participants were with me, we were seated in a circle, ready to receive. I could feel the energy around getting ‘thicker’ and felt myself going deeper into a very relaxed state. All the while, Jo was talking through how she does the attunement but I knew that I had already received the attunement by that point, and as she was talking, so those around me were receiving theirs.

I felt very peaceful. A wonderful sense of being in the moment. All that there is, or all that I am, was sitting in the space. There was nothing else, or nothing else that mattered right at that moment. I was all I needed to be, as nothing else mattered. The space I was in was reminiscent of when I received my Reiki 2 attunement (which was at White Mountain Retreat in Crete, thanks to Joyce Jenkin, in 2006). I had a very profound experience during that attunement – couldn’t speak for hours afterwards without crying! This wasn’t the same however I do believe I went into a similar kind of space, I was really reminded of the energy of it. I had an overwhelming feeling of humbleness and how wonderful it is to be able to be service, to live a life of service. As I felt into that emotion, it brought a rush of tears to the surface.

As I sat there, I felt a change in my body, I could feel myself getting taller, my neck elongating and my head changing shape – I was reminded of the Egyptian paintings of people with large heads – but I also felt quite alien like too, or maybe not alien but certainly not of this world – a link back to Atlantean times perhaps?

I was clear in that moment that the issue I am bringing to get help with from the mansion angels over this moon cycle, is my connection with spirit. I’ve been attending spiritual development groups for a number of years, most recently with Phoenix Spiritual Group based in Reading, never really progressing as I would like to, always confidence & trust issues. Although I know I don’t need to have these issues, still, there they are. So help to strengthen the connection and be able to bring clear messages through, to speak these messages using my vocal cords, to be confident and trust the information that comes through. Information in the form of messages of help, hope, love & healing for the physical life we live and to help people in/on their spiritual journeys.

I knew I had gone deep during this attunement as, when I opened my eyes, I could feel how spacey I felt! Most unlike me to go that deep… did a few breathing exercises to bring me back to the room, and also the affirmation for today, with lots of angels including Anixiel, the Angel of the 3rd Moon Mansion.

Thanks to Jo, the Angels, our group and the Universal Divine Love energy we live in.